LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™ Exercise System (EWOT)

One 15-minute exercise session combined with 15-minute Infrared Sauna, 20-minute PEMF, 10-minute JOOVV light priced at $50.00. Packages and discounted pricing through memberships also available.

live o2 exercise system

LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™ is a premium oxygen system that switches between high oxygen and the equivalent of high altitude. It’s pretty easy for your body to breathe with just high oxygen, and this lets your heart and lungs take it easy. LiveO2 AC™ changes this, switching you to a high mountain elevation of 10,000 feet, making your heart and lungs work harder, so the oxygen can do a lot more to improve your cellular health.

The LiveO2 system is used with a stationary exercise bike to get your heart rate up. If you’ve fallen out of the habit, “exercise” can be a scary word. The LiveO2 system doesn’t ask much! All we need is to get your heart rate close to a target level needed for initiating super oxygen delivery. And, based on the methods in Van Ardenne’s Oxygen Multi-step Therapy, 15-minutes is the most effective time dose needed to ensure our oxygen delivery is maximized. 15 minutes of movement is achievable by almost anyone, even individuals with serious conditions.

live 02

These benefits are just a few of the many positive results that come from exercising with oxygenation.

When you deliver and utilize more oxygen to your cells you: 

  • Increase the energetic status and efficiency of your entire body
  • Experience improvement in tissue and organ function
  • Stimulate your immune system, reducing the probability of future illness
  • Reduce inflammation in the body, starting with the vascular system and joints
  • Produce the energy of youth, creating short-term health and longevity.

An oxygen shortage is essentially a “bottleneck” of your body’s blood flow. Using the “plumbing” analogy…it visually represents what needs to happen to the bottleneck: a flush out. This flush out happens with super-oxygenated plasma, or a super-oxygenation event. But most exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) systems take at least one 9-hour workout to deliver therapeutic oxygenation! This is because the levels of oxygen being delivered are at around 5–10 LPM (liters per minute), so it’s going to take some time. The LiveO2  Adaptive Contrast™ system delivers oxygen flow rates that meet or exceed the researched levels required to reach a therapeutic result in just 15 minutes. More oxygen lets your body heal more and recover faster.