Initial Physician Consultation

From: $350.00



2 hour visit to include the following:

  • Comprehensive review of prior records (patient to bring or send prior to visit)
  • Review of any recent labs (can be ordered by Dr. Mitchell if no recent labs done)
  • Review of patient questionnaire and current medication/supplement list
  • Overview of patient’s significant life events since birth
  • Full set of vitals including weight, BMI, breakdown of fat, muscle, water
  • Assessment of Heart Rate Variability (HeartMath – EmWave and Inner Balance Technology) and Total Body Voltage (Mead 20)
  • Brain health assessment (Brain Gauge Pro by Cortical Metrics)
  • NES Health body field scan
  • Correction of priority distortions in body field using NES Health technology (MiHealth)
  • Color light therapy during session
  • Review of personal goals for health
  • Review of treatment plan recommendations


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